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You'll find below, a good portion (50+%) of our work, as well as news/reviews on new products.  As you can imagine, some of mandates can be a little personal, or time-frame sensitive, and cannot be displayed at large for the world to see.  (Weddings, product launch, corporate outings/events, etc...). Still, we think we're posting a decent quantity and variety of projects, for you to peek at, and on the same token, enable you to see the type of work we do.  Enjoy!  

A Photographic year in Review

2016 was filled with new Highs & even a few Low points.  With success comes chances, and with taking chances also comes risks.

See all the details... HERE

Toopie & Binou!

Toupi & Binou ont accueillis les tout-p'tits sur le tapis rouge au Centre Pierre-Péladeau, (Salle Pierre-Mercure), et avais préparé un spectacle haut en couleurs, qui sera présenté jusqu'au 3 Janvier.

Quelques images... ICI

La Voix Junior - Centre Bell

Deux représentation au Centre Bell on eu lieux en ce Dimanche le 18 Décembre, ou les 85 candidats de La Voix Junior avais préparé un spectacles avec leurs coachs. Un deux heures bien rempli, de chansons innédites et de medley.

Le Setlist et quelques images... ICI

Foundation evenko

La Fondation evenko, avec l'aide de Mara Tremblay & Anne-Marie Withenshaw, on remit au étudiants de 6ieme année en concentration musique de l'école primaire Le Plateau, un total de 12 violons, et 6 violoncelles, d'une valeur de plus de $25,000.00.

Quelques images... ICI

CH / evenko Xmas Party!

The Habs/evenko annual Xmas party, held at the Bell Centre.  What could be more appropriate than have the ice queens present, along with the Habs Staff, and Francois Martindale, known as NHL's premiere "Iceman".

More than 475 people attended this staff party.

Molson Xmas (Bell Center)

Molson Coors invited their employees, along with family members, to enjoy a skating session on the Bell Center ice, & had plenty to entertain the kids. Santa, gifts, balloon-making clowns, inflatable games, carnival ride, face-painting, and food.

A few images... HERE

Corpo - Effix (Match CH)

Une soirée a prendre en photo les fournisseurs, partenaire d'affaires et clients en promotion au Centre Bell, lors des match de Hockey du CHC.  

Gain du CH 10-1 contre l'Avalanche de Colarado :)

Go Habs Go!

Shooting Chromakey

We've always been somewhat reluctant to using a chromakey backgrounds, mainly because we felt it better suited those who did video, over stills.  Now that we're attempting to create more composite type renders, we've decided it was time for us to yield to the temptation.

The All-New Canon M5

Canon's new mirrorless body, boasts nothing less than 24mp, in a compact & silect body, which will enable us the take on projects that otherwise required a sound-proof enclosure.

Complete review... HERE

Cirque du Soleil - OVO

Ovo the touring circus production by Cirque du Soleil, was premiered in Montréal in 2009. Ovo's creative director, Deborah Colker, took inspiration from the world of insects. The idea for Ovo was about movement.

A few images... HERE

Corpo - Effix (Match du CH)

Une soirée a prendre en photo les fournisseurs, partenaire d'affaires et clients en promotion au Centre Bell, lors des match de Hockey du CHC.

Ce qui marquais en meme temps, le 10ieme anniversaire de mes début avec le Groupe EFFIX, soit le 19 Nov. 2006.

Noir et Blanc 2

Le spectacle musical et biographique Noir & Blanc, qui a connu un succès retentissant en 2002, fait peau neuve! Gregory Charles revient sur scène avec une deuxième mouture de ce spectacle, cette fois ci, avec son ami, le grand ténor Marc Hervieux.

Quelques images... ICI

Corpo - Groupe Serdy

Das le cadre d'une soirée evennementiele, nous avons couvert le service photos du tapis rouge pour le groupe Serdy Média, a leurs locaux de la rive sud.

Le temps des fêtes arrive a grand pas, n'oubliez pas de booker votre photographe pour vos party de Noel!

evenko - Christmas eCard

We'v reached that time of year again, where we take the annual evenko Xmas eCard photo.

75 employees atop the Bell Center building, all decked out in Xmas apparel. A superb planning by evenko made the task so much easier.

Northern Arena

A Montreal first!  Northern Arena’s live event will allow fans to connect with professional eSports stars and see them in action, competing for prize pools of more than $200,000

A few images... HERE
Results... HERE

Beaudry is Back! (and Bionic)

After 2 long months of post-operation physio-therapy, and dreaming of the day to be back shooting again...

...Been given the green light by the surgeon, to start working again (with moderation). Obviously, he doesn't know me very well. ;)

Vaudreuil-Dorion - Aerial

Now that the project is complete, the site cleaned-up and asphalt done on the majority of the property, we were asked to head back and do another aerial footage of the city's Waste Water Treatment Facility.

Happy Halloween...

The staff at SNAPePHOTO wishes little monsters of all ages a safe Hallow's Eve.

Happy Trick 'r Treating!

SIA - Bell Center

SIA Furler's performance was nothing less than theatrical at the Bell Centre, as she provided her fans with one of the biggest shows of the year.

A few images... HERE
Photos: Claude Dufresne, SNAPePHOTO

Charles Aznavour

Ce doyen tant aimé de 92ans, a une fois de plus, garni les planches du Centre Bell, avec un setlist grandement apprécié de ces fans.  A noter que M. Aznavour a plus de 83ans d'experience de scene, c'est tellement impressionnant!

Quelques images... ICI
Photos: Claude Dufresne, SNAPePHOTO

Formula-E Press Conference

The FIA and evenko presented a Press conference to announce that in the course of the 375th festivities of Montreal, the city will host the Formula-E (electric) races in July of 2017.

A few images... HERE
Photos: Claude Dufresne, SNAPePHOTO

Cinderella - The Musical

CINDERELLA de RODGERS + HAMMERSTEIN, créateurs de The King & I et The Sound of Music, sera présentée pour 8 représentations a la Place des Arts.

Quelques images... ICI
Photos: Michel Couvrette, SNAPePHOTO

Habs 2016-'17 season-opener

On Tuesday Oct. 18th, the Montreal Canadiens had their first home game of the 2016-'17 season at the Bell Center, against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

We were asked to cover the Blue Carpet & Bell Box.

A few images... HERE
Photos: V. Leclair / C. Dufresne, SNAPePHOTO


Although Drake announced earlier this week, that a few tour dates would be postponed due to an ankle injury, Montreal fans were more than happy to be spared from being on that list.

A few images... HERE
Photos: Claude Dufresne, SNAPePHOTO

Flashback to Sept 2006

10 years ago last month, we were merely contemplating the idea of becoming a full-time photographer, when we had the opportunity to go and cover the great wildlife migration in Kenya.  We thought it was time to make those images public, and share them for all to see.

Several images... HERE

We have a Shopping Cart!

As of October 9th 2016,, our website platform provider, added the shopping cart feature! 

We'll be adding a few items for you to purchase shortly. :)

Browse our Store... HERE

Pluto - The Intelligent Remote

Pluto Trigger is high-speed and smart camera trigger. It features remote shooting, time-lapse, HDR, video recording, lightning photography, high-speed trigger, smart triggers, camera trap (infrared sensor), droplet collision and more, ...24 modes in total.

Promo Video... HERE

Journée de la Culture

La journée "Porte Ouverte" du Centre Bell, ou evenko guide leurs invités lors d'une visite complete de l'amphithéatre, incluant les loges, le fameux backstage, les docks de chargement, le catering, etc...  Le tout rempli d'anecdote, donnant ainsi une perspective plus complete de l'experience a ce qui entour un spectacle.


Selon nos sources, Adele n'accepte aucun media lors de ses prestations de spectacles Nord-Americaine, mise a part son photographe contractuel, de Getty Images, qui la suit pour la totalitée des dates.

On la savais gênée sur scene, mais pas a ce point. ;)

Désolé, mais pas d'images de cette grande soirée.

Vaudreuil-Dorion - Aerial

The City of Vaudreuil-Dorion is in the midst of completing the start-up of it's new multi-million dollar wastewater treatment facility, and requested aerial images of the odor control system. 

Plastiques PV fabricated the 50' diameter cover, the two (2) scrubbers, shelters, and 660' of 42"/48" dia. ducting.

A few images... HERE

Canada's Walk of Fame

We were recently made aware that, on Oct. 6th 2016, Corey Hart will be inducted in Canada's Walk of Fame , and have his star in the streets of Toronto.

We're proud to have our images from Corey's last concert in Montreal, used by the CWOF committee, during the presentation of the award. 

Congratulations Corey!

SRA Motocross - Aerial

A few aerial images of the infamous Motocross track on St-Roch-de-L'Achigan.

Within the next 12-18 months, the track will make place to a commercial development.

Images were required to present the eventual real-estate project to the city.

Global Citizen

Le show engagé pour vaincre le Sida, la Tuberculose & la Malaria.

Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, ainsi qu'une longue liste d'artistes invitées, tel que Usher, Half Moon Run, Grimes, Metric, etc...

Photos exclusives... ICI
Photos: Claude Dufresne, SNAPePHOTO

Canon Digital readout Lens

Canon announced its first Nano USM driven lens, with digital readout.

Rumor is that Canon owns a patent to this technology.

All the information... HERE

Corporate Promotion

Evenko invited 25 of the top event promoters in the city, in order to promote their capabilities.

Private Corporate event, so no photos to be shared.

Pat, The Bionic Man...

During the course of Summer 2016, I had an unfortunate incident that resulted in a shoulder injury, important enough to require complete reconstructive surgery.

The Complete Story... HERE

Grand Prix Cycliste - Montreal

11 Septembre 2016
Dénivelé 229M x 17 tours
17 tours x 12.1km = 205.7km

Gagnant: Greg Avermaet
2ieme: Peter Sagan
3ieme: Diego Ulissi

Quelques Photos... ICI

Grand Prix Cycliste - Quebec

9 Septembre 2016
Dénivelé 186M x 16 tours
16 tours x 12.6km = 201.6km

Gagnant: Peter Sagan
2ieme: Greg Avermaet
3ieme: Anthony Roux

Quelques Photos... ICI

Le Defi Pizza Saputo

C'est dans le cadre du Festival YUL EAT, que Saputo, le géant du fromage au Quebec a eu la brillante idée de faire des compétitions amicale, de fabrications de Pizza.

Photos d'evennements... ICI

Natrel Latte Art Challenge

The 2nd Annual Latte Art Challenge by Natrel was presented during the YUL EAT festival.

Complete Storyline... HERE


A 3-day festival sure to taunt your every sense, but most importantly your taste buds!

A few images... HERE

Kayne West

The singer's management team never responded to the producer's request for media credentials.  As such, photo accreditation was not available.

Canon 5D MKIV

Canon announces the long-awaited, semi-pro body, the 5D MKIV.

Complete Specs... HERE

Ice Age on Ice

Sid, Manny, Ellie, Diego and their friends entertained fans of all ages, during the Montreal premiere, held at the Bell Centre.

A few images... HERE

Blink 182

N'étant pas disponible pour cette date, notre confrere Claude Dufresne a couvert le spectacle de Blink 182 pour SNAPePHOTO.

Le Setlist & images... ICI

Heavy Montreal

On nous avais donné la mandat de couvrir la scène Blabbermouth. Voici ce que nous avons réussi a capter comme clichés.

Quelques images... ICI 

Celine Dion

La premiere Montrealaise du spectacle de Celine Dion, a eu lieux Dimanche le 31 Juillet 2016.    Malheuresement, le document d'accreditation photo nous permet pas de partager les images de ce spectacle.

Osheaga 2016

Images from each of the 3 days, can be seen via the links below.

Friday July 29th... HERE
Saturday July 30th... HERE
Sunday July 31st... HERE

Demi Lovato

In light of the Future Now tour with Nick Jonas, the pop star filled the Bell Centre, and had fans singing along to every word.

Setlist & a few images... HERE

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas was the opening act for Future Now tour with Demi Lovato, and he did a great job of getting the young fans riled up.

A few images... HERE


Our favorite masked demons played to a hungry crowd at Montreal's Bell Centre, after Marilyn Manson did his best to warm up the audience.

Setlist & images... HERE

Valleyfield HRL Races

Les Régates de Valleyfield en étais a sa 78ieme éditions, et des courses enlevantes on été témoignées dans toutes les classe d'embarcations.

Quelques images... ICI

5 Seconds of Summer

The Boy Band, that quickly became "Men with Sound", played to more than 8,000 screaming fans, at Montreal's Bell Centre.

A few images... HERE

Brockville HRL Races

The 1,000 Islands HRL races took place during the Canada Day weekend, in Brockville, Ont., and we had several great match-ups.

A few images... HERE

See Spot Run

During the 1000 Islands Regattas festivities, See Spot Run was the opening act for Kim Mitchell, and shared the stage at the Blockhouse outdoor venue.

A few images... HERE

FMX Demonstration

During the 1000 Islands Regattas races, Ben Milot and the guys entertained the crowd with 2 sessions of FMX craziness!!

A few images... HERE

Kim Mitchell

During the 1000 Islands Regattas festivities, Kim Mitchell was the main artist to play on Thursday evening, at the Blockhouse outdoor venue.

A few images... HERE

Canon announces Issue...

It would seem that Canon's new Flagship camera body (1Dx MKII), would have a compatibility issue with certain Sandisk cards.  Sandisk has openly admitted to being the problem, and is working with Canon to solve the issue.

Complete article... HERE

Online Sales with Format!

A long-awaited feature will soon be added on our website platform, by our service provider "". A shopping cart, linked to Paypal will be a great addition for both ourselves & our clients.

Hall & Oates (Bell Centre)

A crowd of over 5,000 fans gathered at the Bell Centre to hear classics of a great era.

Setlist & a few images... HERE

City & Colour (Bell Centre)

 Dallas Green & his musicians started the tour en Kelowna, BC earlier this month, to conclude it at the Montreal's Bell Centre on June 29th.

Setlist & a few images... HERE

Ellie Goulding

The young artist impressed many with an impressive setlist.  She also gained a nice level of comfort on stage.

Setlist & few images... HERE

Return to Grace

Steve Michaels delivers a glorious heartfelt tribute to a musical icon.  Return to Grace traces the greatest musical moments of a generation.

A few images... HERE

Marc Dupré (Centre Bell)

C'est devant une foule de plus de 12,000 fans par soir, que Marc Dupré a performé au Centre Bell, le 10-11 Juin.

Setlist & photos... ICI
Credit: Claude Dufresne

Grand Soir F1

A la demande du client, aucune photo de cette soirée sera publié.

Tout de meme... une superbe soirée, année apres année!

Florence & The Machine

The Indie-Folk singer gathered 10,727 fans at the Belle Centre for her How Beautiful Tour.

Setlist & Images... HERE

Montgolfieres Press Conf.

C'est au Monument National de Montreal que l'International de Montgolfieres a fait le grand dévoilement des artistes prévu pour le festival 2016.

Quelques images... ICI

Dirty Dancing

Le 31 Mai, a la Salle Wilfred Pelletier (Place des Arts), a eu lieu la premiere médiatique, tapis rouge & spectacle musicale, de Dirty Dancing.

Quelques images... ICI

Alexandra Auger

Nous avons accueilli la jeune et jolie Alexandra a notre studio pour une courte session portraits, qui a cedé d'excellent rendu.

Quelques images... ICI

Selena Gomez (Bell Centre)

Montreal's Bell Centre played host to Selena Gomez during the Revival Tour.

The Setlist and a few images from her show... HERE

Lexar HR1 Workflow Hub

A Pro "reader" Hub with either Thunderbolt™ 2 or USB 3.0 technologies for high-speed transfer of RAW images, high-res photos, and HD, 3D, and 4K video

More information... HERE 

CFast Memory Cards - Review

Canon introduced CFast memory cards in their new "Flagship" body, the 1Dx MKII.

Here's the review on these super-fast cards... HERE

James Taylor (Bell Centre)

Not only was the setlist impressive, but James Taylor was accompanied by tremendous musicians

The Setlist & images... HERE

Tour Bell - Inauguration

L'inauguration officielle a eu lieu sur la terasse du Penthouse au 46ieme étage.

A 50 étages et environ 167 mètres , il devient le septième plus haut bâtiment de la ville , et la deuxième plus haute tour résidentielle.

Quelques images... ICI

Theta 360º camera Review

Just took possession of the new Theta S 360º camera.

Product review... HERE

MJ Animaction

We did a promo shoot with MJ Animaction's new characters... The Easter Bunny, Olaf, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Snow White, Cinderella, Wonderwoman, Spiderman & Pat Patrouille!

A few images... HERE

Le Show de la Réussite 2016

La Fondation evenko pour le talent émergent, agrandit sa portée auprès des jeunes avec la Fondation Arts-Etudes, avec la participation d'artistes tel que Daniel Lavoie, Nanette Workman, Judi Richards, André Sauvé & Kevin Bazinet.

Quelques images... ICI

Canon 1Dx MKII

On Monday May 2nd 9:00am, we took possession of Canada's first delivered production unit.

Our "pre-production" model test/review... HERE

Rene Simard

C'est a la Salle Pierre-Mercure du Centre Pierre Peladeau, qu'a eu lieu la Premiere des spectacles de la tournée "Un Nouveau Reve" de René Simard.

Setlist & Images... ICI

Montreal Int. Triathlon Press

C'est a l'Hotel de Ville de Montreal, qu'a eu lieu la Conférence de Presse du Triathlon International de Montreal, annoncant ainsi l'evennement qui ce déroulera au Vieux Montreal le 7 Aout Prochain.

Quelques images... ICI

New Signature Logo

To better define our presence and overall look, we've decided to upgrade our current logo for a more artistic "signature".  
Website, Blog, eMails, Invoices & Watermarks will all bare this new look. :)

Duran Duran

The ever-loved new wave/alternative band from the 80's, greeted more than 6,500 fans, to which they played a variety of their greatest hits.

Setlist & Images... HERE

CHIC (Bell Centre)

One of the most successful groups of the disco era, with band co-founder (1976) Nile Rodgers, American Musician, composer, guitarist & producer.

Setlist & Images... HERE

Bell Centre - Rental (GM)

General Motors rented the Bell Center, to unveil 5 new vehicles, and reward it's top salesmen of 2015.

A few images... HERE

Industrial Aerial Shoot

We recently conducted a highly delicate & technical indoor aerial shoot, at an aviation components fabrication facility.

Images & video render... HERE

Yoan (Bell Centre)

Le tout premier Centre Bell pour le grand gagnant de La Voix 2014, Yoan.

Quelques images... ICI

MLB Baseball (Olympic Stad.)

The Olympic Stadium played host to the Toronto Blue Jays opposiing the Boston Red Sox during 2 pre-season games.

A few images... HERE
Photos: Claude Dufresne

Iron Maiden (Bell Centre)

Bruce and the guys played to a huge fan base in Montreal!

The Setlist and a few images from the concert... HERE

Canton (Culinary Shoot)

Canton a fait appel a nos services des plus complet, soit, de la conception des recettes, la popotte, jusqu'a la prise d'image, pour leur projet Grillades & Mijoteuse

Le render final... ICI

Billboard Magazine

The the March 12th 2016, Volume 128, Issue 7 of the magazine, Billboard published an article about Canada's Top Concert venues, and used one of our images.

Details... HERE


I'm rarely disappointed in a bands performance, but in this case... bad lighting, bad sound, & awful attitude from their management. (limited to posting 3 photos).

A few images... HERE

Death Cab for Cutie

An awesome performance, and in my opinion, a great example of the warm-up band surpassing the headliners.

A few images... HERE

Forever Gentlemen

Roch Voisine, Corneille & Garou enterprete les plus grands succes du Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett & Dean Martin).

Quelques images... ICI

Elvis Experience

Martin Fontaine incarne Elvis Prelsey, au Théatre St-Denis avec Brio. A voir!

Quelques images... ICI

Portraits Marie-Andrée Baril

Un court apres-midi avec Marie-Andrée, a faire quelques photos de type Portraits.

Quelques render... ICI

Disney on Ice (Centre Bell)

Une soirée avec nos amis Mickey, Goofy, Donald & Minnie!

Quelques images... ICI

DJI Launches the Phantom 4

DJI comes out with the first "self-navigating" drone! (well almost).

See the promo video.... HERE
Website page............... HERE

Raffy (Place des Arts)

Raffy et son band, joues salle comble a la Place des Arts (Salle Claude-Léveillé)

Setlist & Photos... ICI

Luke Bryan (Bell Centre)

The country star plays for a sell-out crowd of 17,300 fans at Montreal's Bell Centre!

Setlist & images... HERE

Black Sabbath

No photographers allowed to cover the bands concert in Montreal. The tour manager's decision is out of the ordinary, considering it's their final tour. One would think that the band would "thank" the media for decades of coverage, in a different manner.  - The End. 

Corporate Event

The local pasta/sauce company rewarded it's employees, clients & suppliers, by renting the Bell Center for a skating session with Youppi & Dave Morrisette, on the ice where our beloved Habs play.

A few images... HERE

Show Harley 2016

Le Show Harley retourne au sources, et présente son spectacle sur 2 soirs, a l'Auditorium de Verdun.

Photos des 2 soirées... ICI

Testing the Canon 1Dx MKII

We recently had the privilege of trying out Canon's new Flagship camera body, the 1Dx MKII, before it hits the streets. (Anticipated for end of April).

Our impressions... HERE

Blue Rodeo

The ever-loved Canadian Band, Blue Rodeo, played the Place des Arts, in light of their 2016 Winter Tour.

Our images... HERE

Cristele B. - Portraits

Je ne me rappel pas quand étais la derniere fois ou j'ai eu autant de plaisir a shooter une modèle.  Une équipe de feu!

Quelques images... ICI

Gala Interbox (Centre Bell)

Le grand Duel revanche entre Jean-Pascal et Sergey Kovalev avais lieu a Montreal, et difusé sur HBO.

Nos images... ICI

Francis Cadieux - Portraits

Ce model de grande renommé, nous a fait une petite visite au studio, afin de faire quelques photos de type portraits.

"Keep Calm" Promo Banners

In light of adding new style Promo Facebook Covers, we've designed one for each type of photo service we offer.

View samples of them... HERE

Helpful reminders for Models

Saw an article that we simply had to share.

Complete details... HERE

SNAPePHOTO to Share...

Powerball jackpot estimated at 1.58 Billion US Dollars.

Details... HERE

Valerie Lemelin - Portraits

A quick unprompted portrait shoot with our friend Valerie. Always a pleasure having her at the studio in front of our lens.

A few images... HERE

15mm Macro wide angle lens

Venus Optics announces the worlds widest 1:1 macro tilt-shift lens, with a minimum shoot distance of 0.2" (4.5mm).

Specs HERE

Images to follow shortly.

Zenmuse X5 & X5R

The new 3-Axis Gimbal with anti-vibration pad mount, boasts a 4/3 camera with 4K video & 4608x3456 max resolution.

Data/Specs.... Here
Review............ Here

Creative Compositions

As part of our continious improvement program, we've given ourselves the mandate to take a course in producing such Realistic Creative Compositions.

More to come shortly

Canon EOS-1Dx Mark II?

Rumors surrounding a new flagship "Sports" camera body, has been filling the air. According to many, Canon would be on the verge of announcing something Big!

We suppose they'll keep this announcement for CP+ in February.  Fingers crossed.