Color Hot-shoe Caps

You keep losing your original black hot-shoe covers? You wish you had something more stylish, and color-coordinated, worthy of the brand?  We got you covered (pun intended)

I modeled these for several reasons... Yes, they look so good, that they can be considered a "fashion" statement, but most importantly, they make it easier to locate in a camera bag, while preserving their initial design..., to protect the contacts from scuffs and dirt.  

They also make for great handouts to fellow photogs, and help "break the ice"
and create new contacts at large events.

Note:  The Sony caps have a molded cavity to clear the front electrical contacts.

Sony > Orange   |   Nikon > Yellow   |   Canon > Red


$30.00 US / 6 caps - Free Shipping
$55.00 US / 12 caps - Free Shipping
(Yes!  We ship worldwide)

Too many for you? 
They make for great give-aways to fellow photographers at large events.


Caps are shipped in a protective cardboard, and mailed in a regular envelope. (to  help minimize cost)


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Once Received...

Once you've received your order, make sure you take a photo of the cap on your camera(s), and capture the moment at your favorite spot (or craziest setting possible).  Make a post on your brands Facebook Pages, make sure you ta), and we'll make screen captures and post them below.

Make sure you tag/link us.  Patrick Beaudry, SNAPePHOTO

Countries we've shipped too, so far...

Canada, USA, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, 



Tag your posts with images of your camera in a nice scenery, and we'll post screen captures here!  Thanks again for your patronage.  Happy Shooting!