Why We can't Work for Free

Let's face it, when selecting a photographer to work on your project, you're not just looking for someone to show up.  You want an outfit that's going to provide you with the service and the quality output you're expecting from a seasoned professional.  Hence the reason you should choose your photography service supplier carefully.  Take the time to review their portfolio, contact past clients, and at the very least, consult their website, to see what they are capable of doing, and the variety of work they are offering.

Selecting the "cheaper" solution, might not always be the best option.  Most often, the less expensive option, is also the photographer with the least amount of experience, gear, and/or less than desirable quality equipment. Surely your project deserves more than that.

Then, you have working professionals, such as ourselves, that took the time to go to school, have over a decade of valid experience, has been published on a weekly basis, and has purchased tens of thousands in PROFESSIONAL equipment, all in order that you, the client, obtain the desired results, worthy of your precious time and money. On that note, we invite you to read the following article I found, on the top reasons why a true photographer should not have to work for free. http://photoprofessionals.wordpress.com/

Our "tools" are costly, & whether you realize it or not, this is only a small portion of what is required to make your images stand out from the rest.  There's also the accessories (monopods, filters, memory cards, articulating arms, studio gear, flash heads, soft boxes, reflectors, etc...), all this in addition to the post-production equipment required, including computers, large screens, tablets, as well as a long list of software & plug-ins.

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