3D Printing

Our creative side, along with the technical aspect of 3D printing combined, helped fill a void during the two years, where we had a lot more free time on our hands (Covid).  Having a background in technical drafting and project management, this matched well with our need to create, as we decided to "invested" in a hobby, where the only limit is your imagination.  I would love nothing more than to share this service with you.

I can guide you through the entire process, which includes our in-house 3D modeling & design, in order to assist you to make your project become reality.  Whether your need is a sample/pre-production prototype piece, or an entire production run, we can achieve this in record time, with a total of 8 machines to best suit your needs.  We offer both SLA (resin) and FDM (filament) types of printing, depending on what purpose the parts will serve.

SLA (resin) 3D printing of a complex heart, for use during an augmented-reality presentation, at a medical/pharmaceutical conference.

FDM (filament) 3D printing of a 3-piece functional ventilation hood, used to exhaust fumes generated from an engraving machine.

Lithophane...  a 3D printed piece of art, that reveals an image when retro-lighted, letting light pass through thinner wall surfaces.
Sample > HERE

3D modeling / design... from an idea, to a simple sketch, onward to a CAD drawing and finally a rendered Solid Works file, and off to the 3D printer.