News 2023

You'll find below, a good portion of our work (~50%), as well as news & reviews on new products. As you can imagine, some of mandates can be a little personal, or time-frame sensitive, and cannot be displayed at large for the world to see. (Weddings, product launch, corporate outings/events, etc...). Still, we think we're posting a decent quantity and variety of projects, for you to peek at, and on the same token, enable you to see the type of work we do. Enjoy!

Next project Coming Soon!

Next project Coming Soon!

Next project Coming Soon!


A new era is born in Montreal. 
A distributing machine, that prepares to your a pizza with your favorite toppings, and cooks the pie to perfection, in just three minutes!

Engagement Party!

We had the tremendous pleasure of covering the engagement party for Christopher & Marie-Helene.  

We're honored you asked us to be part of your wedding, and we look  forward to capturing highlights of your wedding day as well.  

July 2025 won't come soon enough. :)

Long live the happy couple!

Boxing Gala ... Unification (WBC/WBA)

Groupe Yvon Michel held a 6 bout card, at Laval's Place Bell, where the 2 top card opponents battled it out for the first world WBC/WBA Unification title.

Kim Clavel vs Jessica Nery Plata
Mazlum Akdeniz vs Cristian Bielma
Marie-Pier Houle vs Marisol Moreno
Eric Basran vs Juan Carlos Ramirez Garcia
Caroline Veyre vs Esftefania Gonzales Franco
Derek Pomerleau vs Gustavo Magana Rodrigues

A few images of the Gala... HERE